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Manguste E-Sports is born from the creation of a small clan with the release of Battlefield 3 in 2011, this group of people has grown into a real multigaming adding to his circles more and more teams and players interested in competitions.

More than 3 years Ago, we opened our E-Sports to other competitive games, and now we have a lot of teams who are charged with carrying forward our name and our successes on other games.

At the moment we are known in Battlefield 4 for PC/Console, where we are very active with various teams and we take part to Italian and European tournaments online and offline, obtaining remarkable results in Italy and also excellent in European events.

We are constantly growing and always looking for teams interested in competitive events online and offline.


Manguste E-Sports nasce dalla creazione di un piccolo clan con il rilascio di Battlefield 3 nel 2011, questo gruppo di persone si è trasformata in una vera e propria multigaming aggiungendo alle proprie cerchie sempre più squadre e giocatori interessati nelle competizioni.

Più di 3 anni fa, abbiamo aperto la nostra E-Sport ad altri giochi competitivi, ora abbiamo molte squadre che hanno il compito di portare avanti il nostro nome e il nostro successo su altri giochi.

Al momento siamo conosciuti in Battlefield 4 per PC / Console e nella serie sportiva FIFA, dove siamo molto attivi con varie squadre e prendiamo parte a tornei italiani ed europei online e offline, ottenendo notevoli risultati in Italia e anche eccellenti in Tornei europei.

Siamo in costante crescita e sempre alla ricerca di squadre interessate a competizioni online e offline.


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Manguste E-Sports Teams Awards:


Team AtilaX BF3:

3rd place> Infantry 5v5 @ Milan GamesWeek LAN 2012

5th place> Infantry 5v5 Category Group A @ ESL Premier League ITA Autumn 2012

2nd place> ESL ITA 5v5 cup Infantry Winter 2012/13

3rd place> ESL Pro ITA Infantry 5v5 category A-League 2013

3rd place> ESL Spring Cup 2v2 Bazaar B Flag

3rd place> ESL Infantry ITA 5v5 Summer Cup 2013

3rd place> Gaming Match Infantry 5v5 ITA Cup 2013

2nd place> ESL Infantry 4v4 Squad Rush Ladder EU

1st place> ESL Infantry 5v5 A-Series EU 120+ day

3rd place> BF3 5v5 Community Cup 2015

Team AtilaX BF4:

4th place> ESL 5v5 Obliteration Cup EU #1

1st place> ESL 5v5 Domination Opening Cup #1 ITA

3rd place> Night Cup #1 ESL ITA domination 5v5

2nd place> 5v5 Obliteration Test Cup EU #1

1st place> BF4 5v5 XMAS Turin Comics LAN 2015

2nd place> ESL Go4BF4 #99

2nd place> BF4 5v5 Turin Comics LAN 2016


Team Octavia Centurion BF4:

2nd place> season 1 BNL div3 (oC)

4th place> season 2 BNL div1 (oC)

3rd place> 1#NightCup 8v8 ESL EU (oC)

2nd place> Summer cup 8v8 ESL EU (oC)

2nd place> League 8v8 conquest spring ESL EU (oC)

1st place> Cup 8v8 FederClan BF4 (oC)

3rd place> ATF cup 8v8 (oC)

2nd place> Season 5 BNL div1 8v8 (oC)

1st place> Season 6 BNL div1 8v8 (oC)

2st place >3#Night Cup 8v8 ESL EU (oC)

1st place > Season 7 BNL 8v8 Major (oC)

1st place > TonicGame.ru Cup 8v8 (oC)

1 st place > ESL 4#NightCup EU 8v8 (oC)

2st place > Season 8 BNL 8v8 Major (oC)



Manguste E-Sports BF4 PS3:

2nd place> Italian BF4 Tournament PS3

1st place> ITKZ Tournament


1v1/2v2 Tournaments BF4:

jonsnow - 1st place> ESL bf4 jet-afterburner cup global #6

jonsnow - 1st place> ESL bf4 jet-afterburner cup global #4

RG-1M3D - 2nd place> ESL bf4 1on1 tank battel cup global #1

Prolosco - 1st place> AceHigh Eli Cup 2v2 (First and second edition with quoten)

iFr0z3n - 1st place> Dragonsteam TDM Cup #1

R4v3 & TheBl4ckTv - 2nd Place> 2v2 TDM Fun Cup #7

Ass0lt & Fullsa - 2nd Place> 2v2 TDM Fun Cup #6

Punch & Fullsa - 2nd Place> 2v2 TDM Fun Cup #11

Prolosco & EvilMonkey - 1nd Place > 2v2 ESL 2on2 Heli Battle Cup #6 Europe 

Prolosco - 1st place> 4#ESL LittleBird CUP 1v1


Team Tiki Italia FIFA16:

1st place> FVPA serie B 2015/2016

2nd place> FVPA Coppa Italia 2015/2016